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"If you can breathe, you can do yoga."

One of my favorite yoga teachers used to say this, and I'd chuckle to myself, thinking, "that's cute, but obviously the physical postures are the point of yoga."

I was wrong.  Very wrong.

Yoga unites body and mind through a blend of breath, mindfulness, movement, and more.  While most people think of yoga as merely the physical postures, the physical workout itself is not the primary goal of practicing yoga.  The physical exercise is a conduit to the deeper goal of practicing: awareness.

If you're interested in the physical workout, rock on!  That's how I (and countless others) began.  I offer private, one-on-one or small-group lessons. 

If you seek to begin or improve upon the physical yoga postures, develop your breathing and mindfulness, or a combination of elements, I do that, too.  

Scroll down or click the pertinent link to

work with me,

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attend one of my classes,

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discover why you, too, can do yoga.

Namaste (which means "the light in me sees and honors the light in you"),



Lily Shanks, Dallas Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, teaches private yoga lessons, small groups, large groups, and special events

Lily's Yoga Journey

After graduating from a top tier-law school, Lily began practicing commercial litigation in a Big Law firm.  Stressed out, overwhelmed, and feeling completely disconnected from her body and spirit, Lily began practicing yoga regularly and left each class sweaty, reconnected to herself, and feeling more engaged and purposeful in life.

In mid-2011, Lily left Big Law and obtained her 500-hour yoga teacher certification in summer 2011. She taught yoga full-time for a year before returning to the legal practice, but she continued teaching yoga, at least part-time, despite experiencing many ups and downs in her personal life and legal career.

Since obtaining her 500-hour yoga teacher certification in 2011, Lily has taught more than 2,000 yoga classes and countless students.  She teaches a wide variety of yoga styles, as well as mat-based Pilates, Barre, and other fitness classes and techniques.  Lily loves teaching private individual and small-group lessons just as much as she enjoys instructing big classes and groups.

Lily's Yoga Certifications:

  • E-RYT 500 (the highest teacher accreditation available from the Yoga Alliance; to qualify, a yoga teacher must have completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training and taught more than 2,000 hours of yoga)

  • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider; qualified to provide continuing education to other yoga teachers)

Please reach out with any questions, or get started today by reserving a private one-on-one or group session or signing up for a class!

Lily's Yoga Journey

Weekly Group Classes

Take Class with Lily

Come practice with me at Oso Climbing Gyms in the Dallas Design District! My regular weekly class schedule is:


  • Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. (Energize - a 60-minute all-levels vinyasa flow)

  • Saturdays at noon (Origin - a 60-minute beginners'/foundational class)

  • Thursdays at 6:15 a.m. (Energize - a 45-minute all-levels vinyasa flow)


Click Here to Register for a Class

Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Experiences

Whether you've never tried yoga, are an advanced or very experienced practitioner, or are somewhere in between, individual private instruction can increase your confidence in your practice and take you to your "next level."  

Private yoga is available for individuals, small groups, large groups - you name it.

To request a private yoga experience, click the button below to schedule a quick introductory phone or Zoom call and schedule your experience! 

Yes, yoga is for you, too.
(Yes, YOU.)

Here are some of my favorite yoga objections and myths, debunked: 

  • "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible."  

Umm, physical flexibility is not required to try yoga.  By beginning to practice yoga, your physical body will become more flexible.  But you won't know how much it could help, or even whether you like it, until you try.  

The only flexibility required to practice yoga is mental flexibility.  You have to be at least willing to try it.  And, mental flexibility is the most important kind of flexibility in life.  That way, you can bend with the winds of change instead of breaking.

  • "I can't take a yoga class because I won't know what I'm doing."  

Attend a beginner-level class or consider working one-on-one with an instructor to feel more confident.

  • "I'm too old." 

Nope.  People with more than 100 years of life do and have done yoga.

  • "I'm too out of shape."

You do not have to be in shape or any particular kind of shape to try yoga.  By beginning - starting where you are - you are on your way to improving.

  • "I have an injured shoulder/knee/back/hip/other body part."

Yoga postures can be modified and adjusted to suit any body and accommodate any injury.  Inform your instructor before class if you have an injury or need help with modifications. And, if a posture is ever painful, do not do it.  Back out and take a break or modify to the best of your ability. 

Yoga Is for Every Body

Yoga Testimonials

Click the button below to read comments and testimonials from many yogis with whom I've had the pleasure to work since 2011.


  • What is your process for working privately with a new yogi? 

Before your first in-person private yoga lesson, we will have a quick phone or Zoom call to discuss your fitness background, questions, and goals.

At our first in-person session, I will get a sense of your ranges of motion, we will further discuss any injuries or concerns we have, and you will start your practice!

All private lessons, whether individual or group, are tailored to the clients' goals and desires.  To discover how you could benefit from yoga, schedule a quick intro call!

  • Is yoga religious? 

No.  Yoga is not religious, although the many facets and concepts embodied within yoga comprise a philosophy of life or way of living.  

  • What are the strange foreign words I sometimes hear in yoga class? 

Yoga is such an ancient practice that many of the physical postures have Sanskrit names, which some yoga teachers incorporate into their instructions.  

Sanskrit is an ancient Eastern language that was used in ancient philosophical writings. 

Have a question I haven't answered yet?  Click here to submit it!

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