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  • procrastinating

  • people-pleasing

  • feeling like you aren't enough

  • questioning your decisions

  • lacking purpose and direction


  • producing 

  • saying "no" and setting boundaries

  • believing in yourself

  • feeling confident in your choices

  • creating a fulfilling life


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Certified Life Coach

Lily Shanks is a Certified Life Coach specializing in increasing her clients' confidence and improving their mindset towards life.

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I had 2 significant issues I was working on – one was a relationship issue with someone important to me, and the other involved my own internal self-doubt. I went as far as I could go on both issues by myself and knew it was time for me to connect with someone to further my progress.  My goal was not to “fix” these issues – that would not be realistic. My goal was to learn how to rest more comfortably with these issues. I came across Lily’s Yoga for Self-Love series and decided to give it a try. And I am so glad I did! I then furthered my work with Lily by signing up for a series of individual coaching sessions.


Throughout our time together, Lily gently guided me towards asking myself the hard questions I had been avoiding. She suggested strategies for managing my internal thoughts, helping me to turn the negative into positive within my head and heart. She encouraged me every step of the way and never judged if I fell short of a goal between sessions. She met me where I was and helped me move in the direction I wanted to go.


As a result of working with Lily, I am now in a much better place in my head and in my heart. I have even had the opportunity to apply the strategies I learned from Lily to other situations that have arisen, which has helped me rest so much more comfortably with myself amidst new stressors.


I am so grateful to Lily for helping me experience the healing, forgiveness and kindness I needed for myself and for others in my life.

~Maryann M.

Working with Lily over the past 6 months has been an incredible honor. She has been a patient, encouraging, and devoted mentor to me during a very turbulent period in my life.


The wisdom and guidance I have received from Lily has enabled me to overcome difficult situations and to grow in a positive direction. I am extremely grateful for the experience I have had to work with Lily. I am a better person because of her.

~Client late 2020


What is "Internal Weather"?

We spend lots of time talking about the weather – the heat, cold, humidity, and rain.  It dictates our plans, our clothing choices, our traffic routes . . .


But how much attention do You pay to Your internal environment?  

How does your well-being (or lack thereof) affect your life?

What would you do to feel good, inside, no matter what is going on outside?

We can help.

Our services might be for you if: 

  • you sprint through your day, only to collapse at the end, unsure of what you did and whether you made progress toward your desired state of being,

  • you aren't sure who you are or where you're going in life,

  • you drift through your days, unable to focus and anxious that your attention seems lacking,

  • you feel like your life is flying by,

  • you're unsure of your purpose in life,

  • you feel as though you're barely surviving instead of thriving, or

  • you want to live your best life, but you aren't sure how to do it.

Your new life can begin today.

It's possible.  

The question is whether you are willing to take the necessary steps.

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