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  November 17th - December 31st, 2022 

Are you waiting for the New Year to develop new habits? 🤔


Are you telling yourself, "It's already the end of the year; I promise I'll change in the New Year."



The longer you delay making healthy choices - the more permission you give yourself to eat and drink everything in sight over the holidays - the harder it will be to change.


January 1st is not a magic bullet that eliminates all of the calories, alcohol, over-spending, and lack of movement you indulge in over the holidays.

That's why I've created the ✨ Holiday Wellness Challenge!


The Holiday Wellness Challenge is a fun, health-driven challenge designed to encourage you to maintain your physical and mental health during the holidays, stress less, and enter the New Year with confidence!

The Challenge begins November 17th and ends December 31st. Sign up now to receive your challenge card, which contains 25 health-oriented tasks (like a bingo card).  


Complete just one row of five tasks, and you'll be entered to win a healthful prize, like nutrition coaching, private yoga, fitness swag, and even a three-month life coaching package!  Complete all 25 tasks, and you'll be entered 25 times into the prize drawing!

AND, the challenge is FREE! Sign up today and SLEIGH the holidays.

Enter the challenge and...


👉 Maintain your fitness. 

👉 Find ways to eat healthy during the holidays.

👉 Stay mindful.

👉 Stress less.

👉 Enter 2023 feeling STRONG!

Plus, complete just five challenge tasks to be entered to win prizes to keep you on track to your health goals during the new year!

Best of all? It's FREE to enter, so sign up now!


Are you waiting for the "new" year to change your habits?

If so, let me share a secret: you do NOT have to wait until January 1st to start the process of change! 

Often the holidays result in weight gain, financial detriment, and a decline in mental health.  

Why? Because we eat, drink, shop, and run ourselves down over the last six weeks of the year, all while maintaining the delusion that everything will instantly change on January 1st.

How would it feel to meet 2023...

  • Feeling good about yourself

  • Knowing you didn't eat your weight in sweets

  • Hangover-free

  • With a head-start on your goals?  

Pretty awesome, right?

How can you avoid gaining weight during the holidays? Join the holiday wellness challenge!
How can you stay sober during the holidays? Try recovery coaching or a sober companion!

Do you or someone you know want or need assistance navigating the alcohol-fueled holiday party scene?


Check out our sober companion and coaching services.  

Created and Led by Lily Shanks

Certified Life Coach, E-RYT 500, "Recovering Attorney" - Lily personalizes her life coaching and personal training services to meet her clients' specific needs. 

Since earning her 500-hour yoga teacher certification through Sunstone in 2011, Lily has guided more than 2,000 yoga and fitness classes at yoga and fitness studios around Dallas.

Lily's Bio

Testimonials from Lily's clients and students

Coaching Services


➡️ Maintain your fitness
➡️ Find ways to eat healthfully during the holidays
➡️ Enter 2023 feeling strong!

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Are you committed to a healthier holiday season?

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