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  November 22 - December 31, 2021 

Don't wait - start something great NOW!

Enter the challenge and

  • maintain your fitness,

  • eat more healthfully,

  • stay mindful,

  • stress less, and

  • enter 2022 feeling strong and ahead of the curve!


Plus, complete the challenge and enter to win prizes to keep you on track during the new year.

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Are you waiting for the "new" year to change your habits?

If so, let me share a secret: you do NOT have to wait until January 1st to start the process of change! 

Often the holidays result in weight gain, financial detriment, and a decline in mental health.  

Why?  Because we eat, drink, shop, and run ourselves down over the last six weeks of the year, all while maintaining the delusion that everything will instantly change on January 1.

The truth: January 1st is not a magic bullet for the calories, alcohol, and sitting you indulge in over the holidays.  Also, there is no requirement that you gain weight during the holidays! 

How would it feel to meet 2022

  • feeling good about yourself,

  • knowing you didn't eat your weight in sweets,

  • hangover-free, and

  • with a head-start on your goals?  

Pretty awesome, right?

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Do you or someone you know want or need assistance navigating the alcohol-fueled holiday party scene?


Check out our sober companion and coaching services.  

Created and Led by Lily Shanks

Since earning her 500-hour yoga teacher certification through Sunstone in 2011, Lily Shanks has guided more than 2,000 yoga and fitness classes at Sunstone studios around Dallas.

Lily's Bio

Testimonials from Lily's clients and students

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Nutrition Support and Guidance from Shyler Landry

Shyler Landry is a Nutritionist who specializes in Autoimmune Disorders, Digestive Disorders, and Weight Loss.


After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Shyler became an RYT 500-hour certified yoga and fitness instructor through Sunstone Yoga.  Shyler received her Master of Science in Integrative and Functional Nutrition in 2020 from Saybrook University. She is available for individual nutrition consultations, along with cooking lessons, and grocery shopping excursions. Shyler Landry lives with her husband Trevor and dog Dobe in Dallas, TX.

Shyler's Bio

  • Maintain your fitness,

  • Find ways to eat healthfully during the holidays, and

  • Enter 2022 feeling strong!

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Challenge FAQs:

What if I'm traveling and can't attend SunstoneFIT classes in studio?

Even if you're away from your favorite studio, you can enjoy your favorite SunstoneFIT classes virtually!


Visit to access virtual classes


If virtual classes are not accessible to you, you can also substitute similar exercises for the same amount of time you would spend in studio.

What if I can't attend a specific class type (like a hot class) due to a health concern?

If a health concern prevents you from attending a particular class, please substitute a class that you can participate in safely.

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