Self-Love Second Sundays

Center, de-stress, and show yourself the love you've been seeking with Self-Love Second Sundays!

Set and revise your self-love and self-care goals, share and discuss your challenges, and receive on-the-spot coaching during this small group coaching session on the second Sunday of each month (beginning May 8, 2022).

Bring your goals, dreams, and concerns for a soul-centered group coaching session designed to get you back on track or farther down your chosen path. 


So many of us easily nurture others but forget to care for ourselves. Is that you or someone you know?  

On May 8, Mother's Day, learn which areas of your life need more attention and care and how to nurture yourself in order to grow toward your dreams! 

Logistics: This monthly group session, hosted over Zoom (so you can attend from anywhere), goes live at 5:00 p.m. CT. on the second Sunday of each month.


These sessions will generally follow the below format:

  • Introduction to monthly theme (topics will include mindfulness, physical movement, self-compassion, and body image),

  • Guided gentle exercise (light physical movement, including stretching, to connect you to your body),

  • Guided writing and goal-setting exercise related to monthly theme,

  • Group discussion (there will be no requirement to share, but sharing will be encouraged!),

  • Opportunity for spot coaching on your goals or challenges, and

  • Guided mindfulness exercise to anchor you into your goals/vision for the following month.

To encourage sharing among the group, space is limited to 15 attendees.


To keep you accountable on attending (I’m big on accountability), there is a non-refundable $5 charge to reserve your spot.  If you’d like to secure your spot for all 12 months in advance, your payment of $55 will do just that.

(If you’ve attended Yoga for Self-Love or Design YOU in ’22 with Lily previously, these Zoom meetings will have a similar feel.)

Created and Led by Lily Shanks

Certified Life Coach, RYT-500 yoga teacher, recovering attorney . . .  Lily Shanks specializes in helping her clients get out of their own way and move towards their dreams.  Examples of her clients' achievements and changes while coaching (and after coaching!): 

  • Major career changes, including increased salary, benefits, and sense of job satisfaction;

  • Improved relationships with loved ones (family and significant others);

  • Increased self-esteem and self-compassion, including self-forgiveness for perceived past wrongs; and

  • Increased flexibility and stamina (private yoga/training client).

Since earning her 500-hour yoga teacher certification through Sunstone in 2011, Lily has guided more than 2,000 yoga and fitness classes at yoga studios around Dallas.  She works with large and small groups as well as one-on-one.

Lily's Bio

Testimonials from Lily's clients and students