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Love the Skin You're In!

Child's Pose, yoga for self-love, self-care, beginner's yoga, yoga workshop, dallas yoga
  October 2021in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas  
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  • Let go of your past,

  • Improve your body image, and

  • Create a more loving internal environment for yourself.

Be the Change

Changing your relationship with yourself will transform the rest of your life.

Do you pay attention to how you think about:

  • your body,

  • your past,

  • your patterns and habits, or

  • your future?

How do you speak about these things internally, to yourself?  How do you talk about them with others?

In this special in-person series, we will focus each week on a specific aspect of our self-relationships.

Participants will develop more compassion for themselves, their bodies, and their present and past selves.

Yoga Stretches, yoga for self-love, self-care, dallas yoga
Love Yourself, self-love, self-care, yoga for self-love, yoga dallas, special yoga series

Created and led by Lily Shanks

Since earning her 500-hour yoga teacher certification through Sunstone in 2011, Lily Shanks has guided more than 1,000 yoga classes at Sunstone studios around Dallas.

Lily's Bio

Testimonials from Lily's clients and students

Yoga Child's Pose, yoga workshop, yoga for self-love, self-care, yoga workshop dallas,
Format & Pricing:

Self-Love Special Series includes: 


  • Five 75-minute yoga classes (60 minutes of yoga, plus 15 minutes for goal-setting and mindfulness work);

  • One 45-minute one-on-one self-love coaching session with Lily on the topic of your choice, virtually or in person; and

  • Intention-setting worksheets and other handouts to reinforce coaching and classes.

Total Value $850

Dates and Locations:

*Special Series is not included in monthly Sunstone membership amount.

**If you are not already a Sunstone member, you must register for a one-month trial pass, priced at $24.99, in addition to the Special Series payment.

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Reserve You Spot in Yoga for Self-Love
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