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Goal-Setting Tips

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Here we are: nearly two full weeks into 2022. How are you showing up? Has anything changed? Have you made progress towards your intentions, goals or resolutions, if you set any? Or does this year seem like more of the same – an extension of the previous year(s)?

Yes, it’s early in 2022, but it’s never too early to pause, assess, and, if necessary, pivot. If something isn’t working for you, then make a change! The change could be your approach, removing an obstacle in your way, or revising your goal.

If you set a big goal or intention for yourself - something you wanted to do, create, or feel (goals can be intangible!), how will you get there? Have you planned out the small, necessary actions to reach your goal?

One hurdle that snags many well-intentioned people is setting a huge goal but not plotting out their many small steps (mini-goals) necessary to reach the Big Goal. If that’s you, consider the following:

1. Set the specifics of the Big Goal. How will you know when you’ve reached it? When do you want to reach it?

Example: Your Big Goal is to run a marathon. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you’ve run it. You set a deadline of December 31, 2022 to reach it.

2. Next, ask yourself: Is the Big Goal realistic and attainable for you?

Do you have the time necessary to devote to training for a marathon? Have you run one before? Are you an experienced runner or novice? What might be some things you have to change in your default life in order to run the marathon by the end of the year?

3. Then, break down the steps needed to reach the Big Goal, as necessary, and apply steps one and two to them.

I like working backwards with certain goals so that the mini-goals along the way are clearer rather than stumbling forward unsure of what the end goal(s) truly look like.

Sticking with the run a marathon by the end of 2022 scenario, you might consider: selecting the marathon you plan to run, putting it on your calendar, and plotting quarterly and then monthly mini-goals (e.g., run a half marathon by June 2022). Are you new to running or training for a marathon? Do you need additional guidance and accountability like from a local running club? Make a list and put your mini-goals (and the necessary steps and milestones to reach them) on your calendar.

Finally, celebrate your successes along the way! Committing to a big-picture goal and then setting your mini-goals is taking action toward the life you desire, and each step down your goal path is a win.

I’d love to hear about the goals you’re setting for yourself and your actions to move toward them. Please reach out anytime to share your wins, ask questions, or seek support.

Wishing you love, health, and happiness in 2022,


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