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Just Start.

What is one, tiny action that you could take right now that would make you feel better inside? Is that dirty coffee cup you left in the sink nagging at you? Are those unreturned phone calls taunting you?

The little things quickly can become seemingly huge, and all of a sudden we're paralyzed with dread at the prospect of doing what is, actually, very manageable.

An example: Last night, I met with a client* who has been struggling with social anxiety. This client has a great group of established friends, but due to Covid-related isolation and other life changes, he has slipped out of touch with some friends. We discussed very simple, concrete actions that he could take immediately to both manage his anxiety and reconnect with his friends. He left our session already feeling calmer.

Are the little things weighing you down? Do you want to change how you feel? Let me help.

What You Bring

The desire to feel better inside and the willingness to try new approaches to improve your wellbeing.

What I'll Bring

Endless enthusiasm and encouragement, a desire to see You succeed, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to help You. I will be Your accountability partner, challenger, and cheerleader.

Please note that I am not a medical doctor, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist. You will not be sitting on a couch, telling me about Your childhood, with me asking how you feel about it. You and I will go and do together. If You are in the Dallas area, we will plan our meetings to accomplish Your Goals. If one of Your Goals is eating healthier, we will go grocery shopping and cook together. If You need an accountability partner at an event, I will go with You. If you are not in the Dallas area, we will utilize video and other technology to make our meetings as action-focused as possible. Of course, we will sit and talk when necessary, but taking action is how we change.

Just Start.

I'd love to hear from You.


*client details/identifiable information have been changed to maintain confidentiality

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